March 7-9 Lake Forest Event Attendees
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2014 Workshops
Workshops are scheduled in Illinois, Connecticut and Washington.  More to come soon.  Contact me if you want to host a training at your facility.

Aqua Add-It
Addicted to choreography?  Learn how to transform exciting choreography into a challenging aquatic fitness workout.  This shallow water program showcases the add-on style of instruction. Creative combinations add on one at a time, creating a mega choreographed pool party.

Deep Triads
Combine one strength block, one intensity interval and one deep water running combination into a killer exercise triad.  Add outrageous energy, push your limits and then three-peat it with another triad!  This DVD provides plenty of gut busting material to take back to the deep end.   


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AEA CEC Homestudy Programs
Three programs worth 3.0 AEA CECS - a Total of 9.0 AEA CECS!
Please visit the Home Study (HSP) page for details.

New Article:  Through Thick & Thin
Join Mark for a brief trip down memory lane, reflections on some previous articles and a tribute to our students.

Fit Motivation offers continuing education workshops, DVDs, music CDs and other resources to fitness professionals.   Mark Grevelding and Tara Palmer lead workshops for FitMotivation.  Mark was recently awarded AEA’s Global Award for Aquatic Fitness Professional.  Both are approved continuing education providers with AEA, AFAA and ACE.